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What The Hen! Is a free to play, strategy line defense game that mixes some of the collectible card genre with lots of humor and unique cartoon graphics. After about 2 years of development, developer Charged Monkey has finally finished creating their first unique game that combines the tower defense and collectible card genres into an interesting, fun title.

What The Hen tutorial

Entering the game will show a quick comic style cutscene followed by the tutorial. The way the game works is you place cards on the battlefield who will automatically start moving and attacking the enemy. You have Tanks, which is your main line of offense.

There are Ranged cards, which you should always keep behind Tanks. Fighters are the fastest cards in the game and you have the Wildcard class which is like the Ranged class except it deals a lot more damage and has a lot more health.

You can also use Spell cards such as the Lighting card to deal tons of damage to enemy cards on the battlefield. Each card requires a specific amount of Eggs to deploy. You can see how many Eggs you have by looking at the yellow bar bellow the cards, which slowly fills up over time.

What The Hen Tutorial

The goal of the game is to get your units to reach the enemy Hero and to destroy him, making you the victor. After winning a match you are awarded new cards, XP, upgraded cards and/or Resource cards, such as Coins or Gems.

You can also level up your Hero which will give you increased health and more Gems. The Hero can also be customized with a different skin color and with various different clothes, which cost Gems.

Cards & Map  

Finishing the tutorial match will take you to the main menu screen, where you can either continue doing fights as the game suggests or take a look at all the things you can do. Once you’ve leveled up a card you can go and upgrade it in the Cards screen. To upgrade a card, you need Coins.

There are 5 Factions in the game: Robutts, Villagers, Horde, Dwarves and Elves. You can use cards from each of these Factions once you unlock them but some of them can only be unlocked after reaching a certain Chapter in the Map.

There are 4 Chapters and each Chapter is divided into 10 missions. Once you’ve completed enough missions you can play the Arena mode. Overall the missions are fun and there doesn’t seem to be anything preventing you from completing all the Chapters in one go, which is great.  Apart from English, you can also play the game in 10 other widely used languages.

What The Hen Gameplay

Arena Mode

The Arena mode is the online part of the game, where you can fight thousands of other players playing the game. This mode is divided into Leagues in order to match you with a player of the same level.

After a match ends you earn XP and Trophies, which are used to determine your position in the League, as well as if you are ready to go up to the next League. There are 4 Chest Slots in the Arena screen. When you earn a Chest, you can unlock it. Unlocking takes up real life hours, but can be unlocked instantly by using Gems. Unfortunately you cannot simultaneously unlock another Chest.

You have to wait for the first one to finish unlocking in order to start unlocking the next one. This also means that once you filled all the Chest Slots, you won’t be able to earn any more Chests until you free up a Slot. There are 18 Leagues in total.

What The Hen Gameplay


The Shop (which is the chest icon on the bottom left corner of the screen) features a free Special Deal, Chest, Coins and Gems. Other Special Deals can be bought using Coins or Gems, while Coins and Chests require Gems in order to buy them. Gems can either be collected free or bought as an In-App Purchase. You can also pay a Monthly Subscription which will let you claim 50 Gems every day for 1 month. Rare Offers, Mystery Chests and Happy Boxes may also appear which last for a limited time and can only be bought as an In-App Purchase. You don’t have to waste your money on the game at all as you can still accomplish everything with in-game currencies and smart use of cards in each battle.



  • Simple gameplay with a bit of tactical depth.
  • Cartoonish style fits the game well.
  • Good card design and variety.


  • Chests in Arena mode take up hours to unlock.

What The Hen:Download

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