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Vertigo Racing is a free to play racing game where you use vintage cars to drive through snow and dust as fast as you can without going off the road into your doom.  This is the 2nd game that Deep Byte Studios has developed, which was previously published by Chillingo, an Electronic Arts studio. Their 1st game was a shoot ’em up called Abyss Attack, also previously published by Chillingo. With over 4.5 million downloads, Vertigo Racing Is quite a popular game. Let’s see how good has Deep Byte Studios drifted into the racing genre.

Vertigo Racing Tutorial Features  Vertigo Racing Gameplay

Launching the game will put you in a quick tutorial to get you to grips with the controls. Here you get to see the game’s very interesting aesthetic from the 1950s that mixes some nice surf-rock music which is a sub-genre of rock that was quite popular back in that time.

Next to the road might be a bit of foliage and rocks but apart from that it looks like a long fall down to nowhere, as if you’re driving on the Wall of China.


The controls are simple: hold the left side of the screen to break and the right side of the screen to accelerate. There is no steering in this game.

Vertigo Racing Gameplay

Vertigo Racing Gameplay

You just have to kick into gear and the car will start moving automatically. Driving takes up fuel, which you only have a limited amount of. Carefully accelerate and break so as to not fall off the road. Fuel stations are set up throughout the level which once you pass through will refill your car with more fuel. The more Fuel Stations you pass through, the more Coins you will earn.

Watch out for rocks, trees or anything on the side of the road, as hitting any object will damage your car.  The physics are great. You can sometimes even see some damaged parts of the car depending on what side the car was hit at.

Coins & Goals

You can upgrade speed, fuel, acceleration and damage using Coins. Coins are earned while playing the game and can also be bought as an In-App Purchase. You can also double the amount of Coins that you earn forever by paying $6.31. There are 10 levels in total, and to play the next level you will have to unlock it using Coins.

The goal of each level is to reach a specific distance in order to win a Cup. Winning a Cup will earn you a lot of Coins. Each car has their own distance they have to reach. Later you unlock challenges that you can try to pull off, which can include things like drifting for 10 seconds. Completing challenges earns you more Coins. The cars look beautiful in this game. They are very well designed.


In the main menu screen you can find the gear icon which will lead you to the Options screen where you can adjust music, sound, turn on a mini map, take a look at who made the game or change the language. Apart from English there are 9 other widely used languages. In the main menu screen you can also find buttons that are used to connect your Google Play and Facebook accounts.


Vertigo Racing Customization

Pressing the Play button will take you to the screen where you can upgrade your car, buy Coins, choose a different car or even customize the color of your car. You can change the exterior and interior color separately. Changing the color of your car will cost Coins, though. I really like that you can rotate the camera around your car to take a look at how great they look, even the interiors have been designed pretty well. I really appreciate the amount of detail and effort put into these car models.

There are 10 cars in total, with the 1st one unlocked at the start, while the others require Coins to unlock them. Each car has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the “Peggy Sue” is good at accelerating and braking, but is easily damaged by anything on the side of the road.


Levels in Vertigo Racing are beautiful. Each level has its own theme and feels different when driving. For example, in the “Nordpeaks” level it’s harder to control your car due to the snowy environment. While later levels may take a bit longer to unlock the starting ones are still fun as you try and drive as far as you can while winning Cups and completing challenges which also reward you with more Coins. What’s also great is that there are no ads in the game at all.


  • Great gameplay, easy to learn but hard to master.
  • Good physics.
  • visual style, beautiful car models.
  • Unique and beautiful levels to drive through.
  • No ads!


  • Later levels may take a bit longer to unlock, but that also depends on how long and how well you play.

Vertigo Racing:Download

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