Textra SMS Review

Textra SMS is a free SMS and MMS app that’s designed as a wonderful, customization alternative to your default Android messaging app. With over 10 million downloads, this app surely offers tons of features that everyone would like to have in their messenger. Developed and published by Delicious Inc., let’s take a look at how delicious their app is!

Textra SMS Features & Customization

Launching the app for the first time shows a nice, fast animation of a rocket going through space, followed by the app’s logo and slogan: “Simple. Beautiful. Hyper fast.”. Then the app takes you to its messaging screen, where you can see all your previous messages.

You can message this bot some simple commands, such as ‘Hello’ or ‘tip’ to get tips on how to use the app. One of these tips includes dragging a bubble to the left in order to see their time stamps on the right side of the screen.

Tapping on a bubble will give you options such as copy, forward, delete, message details and the ability to enter multi-select mode in order to select multiple messages. You can also tap and hold on a message to enter multi-select mode.

Tapping on the arrow at the top right corner of the screen lets you see who is in the conversation, an option to pin the message to the top, a mute button, an option to blacklist or share by e-mail and the ability to customize the conversation.

Textra SMS Colors

In the Customize screen you can adjust the bubble colors, both received and sent ones to a variety of different shades. Text color can also be adjusted, but there are not as much options as there is for the bubbles. You can also tap on the Match button to restore both received and sent bubbles as well as text back to their own color.


Notifications also have their own set of options that you can customize. You can adjust if tapping on the notification will let you send a Quick Reply with a keyboard already open, without a keyboard or if you prefer you can let it open the full app. If you use Quick Reply then you can choose if you’d like it to automatically close after you send the message or if you want it to stay open so you can keep on chatting.

Heads-up notifications are notifications that slide down from the top of the screen and present you with a larger, clearer notification that you can then tap on to reply, swipe to the right to mark as read or swipe up to leave it for later. You get to choose how long this kind of notification should stay when your phone is unlocked as well as when it’s locked. It can also be turned off if you want to.

The notification icon can also be adjusted to a variety of colors as well as the LED blink color. You can even change the sound of the notification as well as turn on the option to repeat the notification a specific number of times.

There is also the option to choose if you’d like your phone to always vibrate when a notification appears, or you can set it to vibrate only when your phone is on silent. Textra also has a variety of vibrate patterns that you can choose from. You can even create your own vibrate pattern which is pretty cool. But of course all of this can be turned off.

Other options for notifications also include adjusting if the screen should wake up or not and if the phone should vibrate and/or play a notification sound during a phone call or in the conversation screen. You can even adjust the notification so that it doesn’t show your contact or the text in the message for more privacy. There’s quite a lot of things you can turn on and off in this app which is great. There are a lot of things to adjust to make things work the way you want.

Sending Options  

As for sending messages, you can add a delay each time you send a message or even a signature that will appear in every message in that conversation. If you have more than one signature, then you can quickly change it in the conversation screen before sending your message. You can also enable or disable options such as the ability to send a message by tapping Enter, turn on a sound that plays whenever you send a message and there’s an option that automatically closes the keyboard for you whenever you send a message.

Screen Colors

Textra SMS Customization

There are even more options that you can customize. If you click on the 3-dots in the top right corner of the screen in the messaging menu and head to Settings, you will see that there’s another section for customizing colors, font and emoji styles. If you aren’t used to the dark screen color background then you can change it to Light mode. Theme colors can also be adjusted and even the app’s icon color, too. Changing the app’s icon color requires a restart of the app for it to work.

Emoji Styles

Emoji styles can be changed as well. If you’re tired of the regular Android emojis then you can switch to a Twitter, iOS or Emoji One style. Doing this though will require you to download your specified emoji style through the Play Store. Once you’ve installed your emoji style head back to Textra and you will see that your new emoji style has been added. This is a pretty cool feature if you’d like to check out what other emojis look like or you might already be used to iOS or Twitter emojis and would like to continue using them.

Textra SMSConclusion


  • Great alternative.
  • Lots of customization.
  • Easy on the eyes.
  • Emoji styles.


  • N/A

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