SIEGE: Titan Wars Review

SIEGE: Titan Wars is a free to play strategy game with collectible card elements that is similar to Clash Royale, but mixes things up a bit to give you a slightly different experience.  Developed by Game Alliance, this game lets you create massive armies that you can then use to fight against other online players in real time. Let’s take a look at why SIEGE: Titan Wars is worth playing when there are other similar polished games such as Clash Royale right around the corner.

SIEGE: Titan Wars Game Play

SIEGE: Titan Wars Gameplay

In SIEGE: Titan Wars, each battle lasts 4 minutes and consists of 2 players on opposite sides. Both players have their own Castle and 2 Towers. The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s Towers and Castle before he destroys yours. Before you reach the Castle you’ll have to destroy the 2 Towers placed on the side of the path.

You have to move the camera up and down since you can’t see the whole map at once on your screen. In every battle you can only have 4 types of units, or cards, that you can choose from. If time runs out then the player with the most destroyed Towers wins. It’s a simple but nice idea.

SIEGE: Titan Wars-Mana

To deploy a card, you need to have enough Mana, which is the blue bar that is above the cards. Deploying a card will spawn a number of units that will start automatically moving forward to the enemy. You don’t have to just sit there and watch as your Swordsmen fight their way through enemy forces. Instead, you can cast Spells to help out your troops. You get to choose from 3 random Spell cards in each battle.

Once you use a Spell card, another one takes its place in the deck. Just like any card, Spell cards take up Mana, too. Depending on what the Spell card does, you can choose where to deploy it. If it’s a Fireball, you can choose where to throw it at the large group of enemy melee units, or you can destroy the opponent’s Siege units to prevent him from attacking your Towers for a short time. It’s also not a bad idea to just throw it at one of their Towers, too.  A lot of interesting situations can happen with these Spell cards and I really like how it simply adds more tactical depth to each battle.

When attacking Towers, it’s best to use Siege cards as they can shoot from a longer distance and deal a lot more damage to the Towers unlike Swordsmen or Archers. Make sure to cover your Siege units with various other troops, as they are quite vulnerable to melee units.

At the end of each battle that you win you earn Chests, Victory Points and a bit of Gold. If you lose, your Victory Points are decreased and you don’t get anything. It’s a little punishment but that’s okay, as you don’t lose a lot of Victory Points.

SIEGE: Titan Wars-Chests

Each Chest contains Gold and a specific number of cards. Chests take up real life hours to unlock. If you don’t want to wait, then you can unlock a Chest using Gems. Chests and Gold can also be bought using Gems. There are 5 Chest Slots available.

When you fill up all the Chest Slots you won’t earn any Chest in the next battle.  What’s worse is that you can’t start unlocking all the Chests simultaneously. You have to wait for one Chest to unlock in order to start unlocking the next one. Of course, you can still unlock other Chests instantly using Gems while waiting for the current one to unlock.

This is pretty annoying as the game forces you to wait, one Chest at a time. Sure you can use Gems, but you’ll eventually run out of Gems and this will cause a problem. What’s worse is that these Chest Slots basically stop you from getting more Chests in battles. This makes each battle feel somewhat less rewarding and I’m really not a fan of this whole idea that is also seen in other mobile games.

SIEGE: Titan Wars-Cards

If you happen to get the same cards that you already have, then those cards will start leveling up. To upgrade a card you also need to have enough Gold. Upgrading a card gives you XP which is used to level up your account. Cards are categorized in 4 different types: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Titan.

The first 3 types are pretty self-explanatory. The last one, Titan, is quite a different one. Titan cards are more than just hard to get. They are very powerful and really make each battle interesting. The tides of battle can be turned using Titan cards, so make sure to spawn them at the right time. It’s best to spawn them as early as possible for a bigger advantage early on in the battle. The addition of Titan cards is pretty good, they are sort of like mini bosses that lead your army to victory.

SIEGE: Titan Wars-Kingdoms

The map looks great. There’s a good amount of details and the graphics are good for a mobile game. There doesn’t seem to be any different map layouts that allow you to attack from a different side. It’s always just a linear path to the enemy Castle. Which would be a bad thing but the game still manages to offer lots of tactical depth that it doesn’t really affect it that much. It would still be great if they added different map layouts to make the game even better.

SIEGE: Titan Wars has a very interesting feature when it comes to the map. Both players have their own Kingdom. This Kingdom is actually the part of the map that consists of your Towers and Castle. As you level up your account, you unlock new Kingdoms. Each Kingdom has a unique look and a special buff that lasts the first 60 seconds of each battle.

This special buff can include increased health to your units or increased Tower damage. The only part of the map that doesn’t change is the rocky area in the middle where lots of battles take place. This is a great feature that can not only change the game visually, but give you an edge over your opponent as well.

SIEGE: Titan Wars Conclusion


  • Great gameplay with a good amount of tactical depth.
  • Titans create a fresh new experience and offer lots of tactical situations for you to create in each battle.
  • Kingdoms are a great feature that can change the look of the map.
  • Good graphics, each Kingdom looks pretty good.


  • Chest Slots are annoying as once you fill them all up you won’t be able to earn a Chest in the next battle.
  • Chests take up a long time to unlock.
  • You have to wait one Chest at a time to unlock them.

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