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Injustice 2 is a fighting game and a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us which released back in 2013. The top developer in the fighting genre, NetherRealm Studios is back with another great fighting game set in the DC Universe. Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and built using the powerful Unreal Engine 4 known for beautiful graphics, let’s take a look at what NetherRealm Studios, praised for their classic Mortal Kombat games has in store for us.

Injustice 2 Gameplay

Upon launching the game you are presented with a great, action-packed real life cutscene. After that you’re put into the tutorial where you play as Batman against Harley Quinn.


The controls are simple:

  • Tap to attack
  • Swipe right to rush attack
  • Swipe left to evade
  • Swipe up to jump attack
  • Swipe down to crouch attack
  • Hold the tile on the bottom left part of the screen to block.


Injustice 2 Tutorial

After that Harley switches on your side and Shaman Gorilla comes to the fight. Here the game shows you some more advanced attacks. These advanced attacks are located on the bottom right side of the screen, and deal a lot more damage than regular attacks. After that you can switch and play as Harley Quinn.

Once you’ve dealt a bit of damage to the Gorilla, you get to use the “Super Move”. A Super Move can only be used when your Power Bar is full. It deals a huge amount of damage, so make sure to use it in the right moment. The tutorial ends there and you are rewarded with XP for both Batman and Harley, as well as some credits and purple crystals.

Power Gems

Injustice 2 Power Gems

You are now taken to the main menu screen where the game introduces you to “Power Gems” which are actually those purple crystals I mentioned. Power Gems are used to unlock Hero Chests, which as the name indicates, contain a new Hero. After unlocking a Hero you can take a look at the Store, which features special offers that you can buy via In-App Purchases, there are Premium Chests as well which are bought using Power Gems but there’s also a free Basic Chest which gives you random rewards every 3 hours. You can also pay 4000 credits to get it straight away if you don’t want to wait.

Some of the things included in these Basic Chests are XP capsules, which boosts the XP of the Hero that you give it to. If you use the same XP Capsule type as your Hero’s class then you get a slight bonus.

injustice 2 hero shards

Hero Shards can be earned by fighting opponents or you can buy them with Power Gems and are used for upgrading and unlocking heroes. They change every 7-8 hours, so keep that in mind if there’s a Hero Shard currently available that you want.

Injustice 2’s roster in total features 38 characters, although some of them include variations which are stronger than the normal version.

In-App Purchases (Micro transactions)

Injustice In-app purchase

There’s some amount of In-App Purchases in the game. Buying a $7.99 Injustice Card which gives you 25 Power Gems per day for 30 days. You can buy 250 Power Gems for $4.99 or 7500 Power Gems for $99.99.

Credits, luckily, can be bought using Power Gems, so there’s no need to spend money on that. In fact, you don’t need to spend money on any of these at all, as you can earn all of these currencies while playing the game.

Apart from these In-App Purchases, the game, like many other free to play titles, features an Energy system which you probably already know how it works. If not then basically every time you get in a fight some of your Energy is consumed. You have 60 Energy and each fight costs 6 Energy.

Campaign Mode

Injustice 2 Campaign mode

Injustice 2 has a good variety of different game modes: Campaign, Arena, Story, Leagues, Operations, Challenges and Resource Missions. Unfortunately, the only mode you can play at the start is the Campaign mode, so you can’t dive straight into Arena or Story mode. You’ll have to unlock them. To do so, you need to play the Campaign mode which consists of Chapters, with each Chapter containing 5 battles.

In each fight you have your team which consists of 3 Heroes. At the start you’ll only have 3 Heroes so you won’t have much choice but later on as you unlock more Heroes you’ll be able to try and create various combinations.

Each fight in Campaign mode is actually a team fight, as each Hero, depending on which class it is, may have an advantage over the current opponent on the battlefield. There are various classes: Tech Class (Batman), Agility Class (Harley Quinn), Might Class (Wonder Woman), Metahuman Class (The Flash) and Arcane Class (Doctor Fate).

Heroes can also be equipped with various gear, such as Batman Gloves, which can also be upgraded or shattered. If you shatter gear then you’ll receive Gear Material with a chance of getting Gear Reforge which is used for upgrades. Once you’ve upgraded your gear to a high enough level, you can then use Gear Reforge to alter the bonus effects the gear offers.


Every Hero has its own abilities and talents. You can unlock more abilities by increasing your Hero’s Star Rating or you can upgrade your current unlocked abilities using credits. Talents are used to customize your Hero to suit the way you play. Unlock more talents by leveling up your Hero’s Star Rating and use credits to buy the ones available. Once you buy a talent you can reroll it for free to see if you have a chance of getting a better, rare talent.


Injustice 2 features Achievements and Daily Objectives. Once an Achievement or Daily Objective is unlocked you can go to the Achievements/Daily Objectives screen to claim the reward it offers.

Types of Gameplay Mode

Story Mode

Injustice 2 Review

As your account levels up, you slowly start to unlock other game modes and the maximum Energy limit increases as well. One of the first game modes you unlock is Story mode. Story mode continues the story of the previous game and here you have your normal 1 v 1 game play, no teams. The cut scenes are long but they are great and fun to watch. Animations are superb as well as the graphics and the story is pretty good too.

Arena Mode

Arena mode lets you use the teams you make to fight against other player created teams. Unfortunately you’re not actually fighting an online player in real time. You’re fighting an AI that is controlling the team. It’s still fun though but it would’ve been more interesting if you were fighting actual players.

Challenges Mode

Challenges mode lets you assign Heroes to do tasks based on their Threat level. There’s no fighting here but it’s a nice way to level up your Heroes and earn some credits along the way.

Resource Missions Mode

Resource Missions are missions where your heroes that have the required class fight and earn XP. Difficulty changes each day, possibly giving you more rewards and XP.

Injustice 2 is available on Android, iOS, Xbox One and PS4


  • Great game play.
  • Superb animations.
  • Great graphics.
  • Story Mode is pretty good.
  • Improves on the first game in every way.


  • Arena mode has no online PvP battles, only AI.

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