Game of Thrones Review

Game of Thrones Introduction

Game of Thrones is an episodic adventure game series made by Telltale Games, known for their critically acclaimed story telling in previous games, such as The Walking Dead.  If you watch the TV series but haven’t gotten to the 3rd, 4th or 5th season yet, then I recommend not playing the game until you do. This game takes place in the same world as seen in the TV series and as such, contains some spoilers related to these seasons. Other than that if you don’t actually care about the TV series then you’re free to go. Let’s check out what Telltale has managed to do by managing to acquire a license from such a great TV series. Does this game live up to it and the novels? We’re about to find out.

Game of Thrones Story

Now, while the game does take place in the same world as the TV series, you don’t actually get to manipulate crucial, important events seen in the show. Instead, you follow the story of House Forrester, a family from the north of Westeros.  This family is known for harvesting rare Ironwood trees. Unfortunately, the family is in a place filled with war. With such valuable wood, everyone wants to take over their belongings.

Game of Thrones Story

It’s up to you to decide what happens to this unlucky family. Using this family for the game is clever, as you don’t actually get to see them in the TV series. This lets Telltale develop the story in the way they want, without being restricted to everything happening in the novels or the TV series. Some characters from the show also appear in this game that you get to interact with. They’re also voiced by the same actors, so that’s great.

There is currently only one season for the game, with another season hopefully to come out in the near future. The 1st season is divided into 6 episodes, and the first episode for mobile devices and consoles is completely free to play. What’s very interesting in this game, compared to other Telltale games is that you get to control a variety of characters from the Forrester family. It’s something that hasn’t been done before and in each episode you jump back from one character to the other, shaping their individual stories.

Game of Thrones GamePlay

In the beginning you take the role of Gared Tuttle, a squire to Lord Forrester. Here you have some pointless dialogue options with another squire followed by a large ambush set up by a traitor. You get to do a few quick-time events here and see some good action. While some of the dialogue options might be pointless, I suppose some may still like it as it lets them express the way they’d talk in the conversation.

After this disastrous ending to a celebration you get to play as another character. This character is Ethan Forrester, the third-born son of Lord Forrester. With this character you get to engage in various diplomatic negotiations with a man that has lots of power. This part is very interesting and intense, as you never know what to expect from the man you’re dealing with. These are just some of the characters you will get to play with in all the episodes.

Characters will remember some things you say in a conversation, which is noted by an in-game notification on the top left corner of the screen. This somewhat breaks the immersion as you know the character will at some point mention what you said. Luckily it seems this can be disabled by changing the gameplay style to “minimal”. As in any Telltale game at some point you get to move around and talk with various NPCs.

Game of Thrones Gameplay

The graphics aren’t very good, unfortunately. There are barely any details and things just seem to look blurry. It tries to go for a sort of cartoonish art style as seen in their previous games, but it just doesn’t look good in this game. They could’ve made it somewhat better and added the option to change the graphics settings so everyone can get a nice experience. As for the sound, it’s good but its best to use headphones for the full experience. Voice acting is mixed, with some doing a good job of it and some not so much.  Animations are good but could use some improving.

Season Pass

To play the other Episodes, you can either pay $4.99 for each episode or buy the season pass for $19.99. It’s not worth buying the episodes separately. You save up $5 by getting the season pass so if you really want to play through the whole game then it’s best to just buy the season pass.

Game of Thrones Conclusion


  • Pretty good story that gets better the more you play.
  • Option to change gameplay style is nice.
  • A good amount of tough decisions to make.
  • It’s great that you get to play with more than one character.


  • Graphics could use some work.
  • Voice acting doesn’t stay at a stable quality throughout the game.

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