Eternium Review

Eternium is a free to play action RPG that is inspired by classic games such as Torchlight and Diablo. It launched way back in 2014 and is still receiving new updates and features. Developed and published by a small group of old-school RPG fans, Making Fun, Inc., the developers hold a player-friendly, “no paywalls, never pay to win” philosophy. With over 5 million downloads, let’s take a look at what makes Eternium so special and great from its other competitors in the mobile action RPG genre.

Eternium Introduction

Upon launching the game you can connect your Google Play account and are then given the option to choose your gender, Hero class and the option to log in to an Eternium account. There are 3 classes that you can choose from: Warrior, Bounty Hunter and Mage. You can assign any name or tap the Auto Name button to generate a name for you. After you’ve done that you are taken to the main menu where you can save your game to an Eternium account.This will give you 30 Gems.

Eternium Features

In the main menu you can rotate the camera around to take a look at the environment your character is in. You can adjust video settings which include things such as view distance, 3D Creature limit and terrain resolution. There is also the option to limit the frame rate to help conserve your battery. The amount of options is great for a mobile game, as it helps you improve performance if your device is not able to handle the game at the current settings.

If you tap the Heroes button you will be taken to the Heroes screen where you can see 5 Hero slots, of which 3 are locked. These slots can be unlocked using Gems. You can also delete or select the Hero you’d like to use.

Eternium Gameplay

Tapping the Play button will take you to the Story screen where you can see a large planet you will be playing in, as well as 2 locked planets. The Story is divided into 3 Acts, or 3 planets which contain various quests that you have to do in order. Your goal is to hunt down your arch-enemy called Ragadam while stopping his dangerous plans across planets. Apart from the Story mode you also have the Trial mode which features great, randomly generated levels to explore. Unfortunately that mode is locked until you reach level 10.

Eternium Gameplay

Once you start a quest you will have to wait for the game to finish downloading all the necessary files to play. After it has done that you can start the game straight away or wait for the game to finish downloading all the levels.

Eternium Tutorial

When you start the game it will explain all the controls you need to know. To move simply tap at the location you’d like to move to. Attacking is also simple as it only requires tapping on the enemy you’d like to attack. After you do that your Hero will start automatically fighting and targeting enemies that are around him.

Slaying enemies may earn you Gems, Coins and/or an item, as well as XP. You can see how much XP you have by looking at the blue bar on the bottom of your screen. On the top right corner of the screen is your Map. You can tap on it to get a larger view of it. Only areas that you have explored are visible, while the unexplored areas are shrouded in fog. Your health bar is on the top of the screen and on the top left corner of the screen you can see your inventory, equipment and your Hero’s attributes.

On the left side of the screen you can see your current abilities and on the bottom left corner are your potions and food that you can use to replenish your health. To use other abilities such as the Charge ability, you have to draw a sign on the screen. Next to the ability you can see the sign you have to draw, which in this case is a V-shaped sign.

Eternium Inventory 

Your inventory is limited by slots. The inventory can be expanded with more slots using Gems but you also have a Stash where you can store your items. This Stash can be expanded too. You can sell items that you don’t need or re-purchase items that you sold.

Eternium Review

Eternium Abilities

The Ability screen where you can see your current abilities as well as locked ones that you will gain later as you level up. There are ability slots and ability upgrade slots which you unlock using Gems. To upgrade abilities you need Gold which you earn by playing the game. Upgrading takes up real life minutes, but can be finished instantly using a bit of Gems. At the top of the screen of the inventory and ability screen you can see the amount of Gold and Gems you have. Tapping on them will allow you to buy Gems as an In-App Purchase or Gold using Gems. Gems are earned by killing enemies and completing quests, so there’s no need to spend your money on buying Gems unless you’d like to support the developers and get Gems faster.

Once you’ve completed a level you gain 1 Gem. You can replay the level to earn more Gems. There are also Daily Rewards where you can collect Gems, Gold or Chests which contain rare and other uncommon items. As you play the game you find companions which aid you in your battles. You can also hire companions in the Store using Gems. Various other items can be bought using Gold.

Eternium Crafting

A great feature to this game is its Crafting system. Head to the Craft screen and choose what type of item you’d like to craft. Then you put 3 items, any that you don’t need and then the game will determine what are the chances of getting an Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary item. To begin crafting you will have to use a bit of Gold.  Crafting takes a few minutes but can be finished instantly using Gems.


  • Good, simple yet tactical game play.
  • Easy but useful crafting system.
  • Companions are a great addition to battles.
  • Lots of customization and abilities.


  • Might be a bit boring at the start.


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