Epic Little War Game Review

Epic Little War Game is a turn-based strategy game where you command troops and tanks in a diverse set of unique environments, either alone in the action-packed single-player mode or online with your friends. Made by Rubicon Development, these guys are known for their great turn-based games in the Little War Game series that offer lots of tactical gameplay. Let’s take a look at their most recent title available for Android and iOS devices, as well as PC via Steam. Does it offer anything better over its predecessors to be worth the $6 price tag? It’s time to find out.

Epic Little War Game Game Play

One of the first things you’ll notice is the game’s funny voice acting and dialogue. It fits the tone of the game very well. It’s a relatively simple game in essence: you have the blue and the red side. You tap on your unit to select it, and choose whether to move to a hexagonal tile marked in green, or attack the enemy target marked with a red crosshair.

When you decide to attack someone a quick camera zoom in will show your troop shoot at the enemy. It’s not just your soldier that will do the shooting, even if it is your turn. The enemy unit that got damaged can fire back as well. Every unit that gets attacked will also automatically counter your attack if possible. However, that doesn’t mean his attack will be as deadly as yours.

Epic Little War Game Gameplay

The amount of health that your troops have really matters in this game. The lower the health a unit has, the lower damage that the unit can deal. It’s an interesting addition to the genre that you have to keep in mind whenever playing this game. This makes Medics very useful to have close to your units when needed. There are also a good variety of different unit types, and each unit type has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Having the higher ground over your enemy can really make an impact in this game. Units on a higher ground get increased attack range, allowing you to take out units you possibly weren’t able to on lower ground. Turrets in this game can counter attack like units. But they also automatically attack all enemies in sight before you begin your turn. Having turrets is a huge advantage, and they also serve as important defense to one of the important parts of the game: your base.

That’s right. You don’t just go with a limited amount of units through random missions to tactically beat the enemy AI. You also get to build your own base, just like in an RTS game. While you can make various buildings such as the Barracks or Shipyard, the main building that you have to destroy is the HQ. Your units can also get promoted after a certain amount of kills, which isn’t anything new but it’s good that this feature is here.

This game feels like such a unique blend of base building and regular turn-based tactical gameplay. You do things in a way you would do in an RTS such as Red Alert. There’s Power, and each building uses up a specific amount of it. You have Power Stations which you build in order to have more Power. Your enemies could try and target your Power Stations.

If they destroy a good amount, your turrets and buildings could stop working because of low power. It’s the classical core of good old RTS games and I love how the developers simply took these base building features and implemented them in this game.

It’s not only the gameplay itself that’s different and packs a lot of tactical depth. The graphics are simple and so are the unit designs. But all of this very well fits with the game’s funny voice acting. You can hear units make funny jokes once you buy them and it just doesn’t get old at all. The whole game feels so lighthearted. It’s great.

Another really cool addition is the flags. You can customize your flag in a ton of different ways. The color can be changed, the base of it can be adjusted, the details and the logo. There’s a ton of different things that you can choose to add to your flag to make it feel unique. You can even move the details and the logo to any part of the flag that you want. It’s such a little addition but it’s great. Your flag is placed on every building in the game, except the turrets.

Epic Little War Game Campaign Mode

Epic Little War Game Gameplay

Campaign Mode consists of a variety of different missions that feature various different objectives to complete. It basically serves as a tutorial to introduce you to the game but it is fun and the introductions to each mission are great.

Skirmish Mode

In Skirmish Mode you can choose from a ton of different maps that are designed for a specific number of players. The largest maps allow a maximum of 6 players to play. You can play against AI that can be adjusted to 4 different difficulties, but you can also play with your friends, giving the phone to the person who has the next turn.

A great feature to this mode is that you don’t have to play the pre-designed maps. You can even randomly generate a map. This makes the game basically possible to have infinite maps. You can also enter your own seed, or basically the name of the map. Using this seed the game generates a map based on it. It’s a great feature that may remind you of Minecraft where you can also enter a seed for your world. This basically lets you share your seed to other friends if you manage to find a really good map.

Online Mode

Epic Little War Game Gameplay

In Online Mode you can create your own match or join a random match hosted by someone else. It’s also the best way to play with your friends if you can’t all be in one place on one device. You can play a regular online match with only players or you can create a co-op match where you and another player get to battle against 2 enemy AIs.

Epic Little War Game Conclusion


  • Great, tactical gameplay.
  • Excellent mix of base building mechanics gives you a fresh, unique experience.
  • Funny voice acting.
  • Lots of maps to choose from.
  • Random map generator that lets you input your own seed.


  • N/A

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