Crashlands Review

Crashlands is a story-driven 2D crafting ARPG where you are stranded on an alien planet called Woanope. Build bases, craft tons of items and fight your way through fierce bosses as you uncover various hidden secrets throughout this huge world. With a $5 price tag this game has received huge critical success, with various awards and nominations to prove it. Let’s check out what this promising ARPG offers that makes it so great as everyone claims.

Crashlands Game Play

The game has a great, cartoon art style with simple but cute animations. You simply tap on the screen to move to the location you want, or hold on the screen to continuously control your character’s movement. Your yellow-pink protagonist is a galactic delivery truck driver that can do a variety of things. She can craft loads of different items. Over 500 items can be crafted using various different workbenches.

Crafting is simple. You just have to find and collect the required materials and then head back to craft your item. Items can include the basics for your base as well as weapons and armor of varying quality. Building your base is pretty simple, too.

All it takes is a few taps to build your very own base once you have crafted all the required items. It’s nice that you can decorate your base with a diverse set of indoor furniture. I also really like that you can ‘track’ the item you are currently scavenging materials for by tapping the Track button in the crafting screen. This keeps all the required materials needed on your screen so you don’t have to go back and check if you have the right amount.

Crashlands Gameplay

With your trusty robot sidekick you learn the game as he teaches you some new crafting recipes. Your goal is to find a way to send a message to the Bureau of Shipping to come and rescue you from the crazy alien-infested planet. Before you do find a way to get off this planet you have to complete hundreds of different quests that take you to lots of different places.

There are tons of different side quests as well, each with their own story to tell. If you forgot what your objective is to complete your current quest, then you’ll find out that Crashlands handles it a bit differently compared to other RPGs. Instead of a simple, one sentence explanation as seen in many RPGs, you get to see the whole chat log you had with the NPC that gave you the quest.

From this chat log you easily find out your goal and head straight back to work. I really like this style of simply reading the conversation you had in order to know what you have to do in case you forgot.

It feels more realistic in a way. The chat log actually also makes sense, as your protagonist is equipped with a pink armor and yellow-pink helmet that has its own user interface. His robot sidekick also has an analyzing engine, so it makes sense that one of them simply records the conversation and saves a chat log in case it’s needed in the future.


Apart from that the dialogues also tend to be interesting and funny to read, which fits the art style of this game. I also appreciate that the game supports cloud-saving, so you can easily play it on a different device without worrying about your save files.


Crashlands Gameplay

The combat in this game is simple, yet still offers a lot of tactical

depth that requires you to have some level of skill at the game. Enemies attack in various different ways, and once you take down a weird creature, it gets added to your encyclopedia where you can take a look at it stats, as well as its weaknesses.

It’s great and each enemy has its own attack style that you have to learn in order to know how to fight against it. Enemies have some interesting, unique designs that you don’t see every day. Consumables are important to always have in any fight so you can heal back up and not be too worried about getting destroyed.

Dying drops all the materials you have collected, which you can pick back up by returning to your death location. Equipment, fortunately, is not dropped. You can even tame creatures by incubating an egg.

I love that the game features full controller support. It makes it feel much more like a quality title.


Crashlands Maps

Crashlands has a huge world waiting for you to explore. As you explore you can use your map to take a look at the areas you have currently explored, while the unknown is covered in black. The map is pix-elated unlike the actual game and you can request to redraw the map to fix any drawing errors that you may notice.

Due to the sheer size of this game, you spend a lot of time running and finding new places. Luckily, you don’t have to actually run back and forth when collecting various materials. Instead you can make use of the warp feature to warp back to your base through the map screen. There are telepads placed throughout the whole game that you can use to warp to as well.

Crashlands Conclusion


  • Huge, cartoonish world to explore.
  • Great combat.
  • Loads of different items to craft.
  • Full controller support.
  • Cloud-saving support.


  • N/A


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