Crab War Review

Crab War is basically, a very polished clicker game so highly rated that it was awarded Google Play’s “Best 2016 Games” award. In this unique title you raise up a fearless army of crabs, ready to drive of any foul creatures in their territory. Surely the idea behind this game sounds very interesting, and fun. It’s not the kind of game you see every day. Let’s check out if this game really deserves the award it received.

Crab War Game Play

Crab War Gameplay

First thing you notice at the start of the game is that you play in portrait instead of landscape mode, meaning that it isn’t a game that uses complex controls. And indeed, Crab War is very simple. You simply tap on the screen, wherever you want, to spawn crabs. There’s no limit to this so you can keep on tapping to see a horde of small crabs heading towards the large reptile on the top of the screen.

Lowering the reptile’s health all the way down to zero will cause another one to appear, slightly larger than the previous one. This goes on and on while on the left side of the screen you look at how many meters you have managed to pull through. As you take down these large beasts, you earn gold.

Gold in this game is used to upgrade your crabs. It can also be used to buy very powerful abilities that cost a large amount of gold that simply isn’t possible to get in the beginning. You can also earn gold by tapping on a golden butterfly that appears at random times on the screen. If you’re not looking at the screen then a nice, sparkly sound warns you that there is one coming.

I really like how unpredictable this butterfly is, as it may even give you a special ability that can be really useful for the boss fight ahead. The sound in this game is great. It’s all really simple yet very nice. Graphics are good and the user interface is well designed. Ads appear at random times but they aren’t too bothering. Everything feels great and polished.

The butterfly may also drop Pearls, which are used for buying things at the Shop. Completing achievements also earns you Pearls and that’s great. It makes it worth actually trying to earn all the achievements. At every 10 meters you get a boss fight. These bosses have a lot more health and can eat up your crabs as well. You have a limited time to beat them.

If you don’t take the boss down in time then you will have to fight regular reptiles to collect more gold to upgrade your crabs. It doesn’t send you all the way back to the beginning, which is great and removes any frustration you may have with this game. When you are ready to try again you simply tap on the fight button and give it another go.


You have 3 different types of crabs that you can unlock. As you get further in the game you unlock more crabs which spawn in with the ones you currently have when tapping. When upgrading you don’t have to individually go and upgrade each crab. Instead, a simple press of a button upgrades all crabs, which increase the amount of damage that they can do.

Once you reach a high enough level you will be able to evolve your crabs. Simply tap on the evolve button and choose the evolution path that you like. Evolving a crab basically increases its stats such as damage and speed, but also changes its look.

If you head over to the Evolution screen in the menu you can see the path that each type of crab is taking. You can also research mutations once you manage to perform Ecdysis and receive DNA. These mutations give various buffs to your crabs. Later on you unlock Gene Tree and Gene Lab in which you can buy powerful upgrades to your crabs using Gene Points.


Crab War Queens

Queens are basically stronger and bigger versions of your regular crabs. You unlock them with gold and level them up individually. These Queens can’t be spawned by tapping on the screen. Instead, they appear at regular intervals and deal a lot of damage to the enemy creature. Just like crabs, there are only 3 types of Queens. When a Queen reaches a specific level, it earns a new special ability which may include lots of increased damage.

Crab War Conclusion


  • Simple gameplay with a unique setting.
  • A good amount of features.
  • Polished user interface with good graphics.


  • May get boring fast.
  • Some features take a bit too long to unlock.

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